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Neo-blackism is a contemporary ideology that evolved as a result of the compromised blackism in ancient times. The success of blackism in ancient times established sustainable development in ancient Africa, but the betraying potentials of some Africans compromised the ideology and as such antagonized the original aim of emergence.

The original aim of blackism entailed and not restricted to:

1. To ensure cultural stability and value
2. To enhance Africa traditional religion patronage
3. To enhance Africa economy
4. To enhance Africa unity in diversity
5. To foster political stability

The afore-mentioned goals were obeyed but the stringency of these goals were in doubts as some Africans violated the ethics guiding them; it should be noted that the decline in blackism posited grave consequences for Africans ranging from slavery and leaching as well as immense exploitation of Africa resources.

Considering the grave consequences on the Africa populace attributed to the decline of blackism ideology by members paved way for the evolvement of “NEO-BLACKISM”. This was a new form of blackism; an ideology that evolved to re-appraise blackism and enforce stringent laws, norms and ethics that will secure the adherence to the ancient mapped goals. This ideology posited a real demarcation between Africans and their developmental pace to be a system of belief and ideas that is archived as Africa civilization as against the adopted western civilization. Neo-blackism is Africa civilization inclined thus it encourage contemporary innovations as well as initiations and implementation of policies that promote the growth of the Africa terrain.

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In this reform, Neo-blackism is ultimately geared towards establishing a sustainable developed Africa; also the ideology has mapped the following as its specific objectives:

1. To promote activities that will encourage Black people towards the full exercise of the human spirit, the re-awakening of all its Inventive, Creative and Moral Capacities.
2. To stand against all acts of Racial Contempt and Conflict, Exclusion, Discrimination and Intolerance.
3. To engage in researches on African Traditions and Culture.
4. To internalize and evolve realistic approach towards providing solutions for Africa’s problems.
5. To enhance and promote the image of Black people all over the World.
Neo-blackism as an black ideology counsel Africans on their quest for sustainable development. It explains that the road to sustainable development is not straight and smooth as there is a curb called Failure; a loop called enemies as well as caution lights called families. It further noted that in the quest for Africa sustainable development, Africans are bound to experience constraints such as betrayals but one must persevere and be insured with faith; and after many perseverances, sustainable development is ours.

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Neo-blackism is an ideology for the black race and a prerequisite for any one who wish Africa sustainable development; thus The Quest for Africa development has assimilated the Neo-blackism ideology as a guide to ascertain Africa sustainable development.
Umudjere Africaman
Pioneer “The Quest for Africa development ”

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