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The Obu-Nkwa of Nde-Ezera in Asaga Ohafia is a national monument in Nigeria. It has certain unique function for the Ohafia people and for tourist purposes. In ancient times, this was the only one (Nkwa) in Ohafia to which anyone in danger could be assured Nkwuzi (shelter-seeking). It has carvings of massive male and female figures; male figures in sitting posture, resting their hands on their knees, their feet upon the figures of slaves. The females also are on a sitting position, carrying babes in their arms. The Obu Nkwa is barred from unauthorized entry.


The Ezie Ofri cave is one of the great wonders of the land. confirmed reports have it that the length and breath of the cave covers a large expense of hollow underneath that extends to several kilometers afar. Some say the length extends up to certain places in Elu, over 8 kilometers away from Amaekpu. An unempirical and unintended research pointing to this fact was the incident that a hunter’s dog, missing his way, slipped into this cave, which is located 5 kilometers away from residential quarters but afterwards reappeared somewhere in Amaoba compound in Amaekpu. While these reports are subject to exploration and confirmation, it is obvious the Ezie ofri cave harbors many interesting facts or at least is a great tourist site to behold, perhaps a better site than the celebrated Ogbunike cave in Anambra state.


If there is a place where virgin and unperturbed vegetation still exist in Ohafia, it is a place called Nkpogolo in Ebem. Nkpogolo has been preserved in the original habitat for as long as Ohafia has existed. Farming activities, hunting, bush burning or any form of deforestation activities are forbidden here. The choice to keep this bush as it is arose out of the fact that both during the British Colonial military invasion of Ohafia (1905) and the Nigeria civil war, Nkpogolo served the people, especially the Ebem community, as a hide-out zone. Subsequently, the usefulness of Nkpogolo extended to a free-food harvest zone for the less privileged members of the clan. This is because no one lays claim of ownership of any fruit/ food crops found there. It is still believed that some animals which may have gone into extinction in Ohafia may still be found in this location. Similar vegetations like Nkpogolo could be found in certain parts of Ohafia like Offia Isha used for Uzo-iyi.
hill top over view of ohafia village

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The traditional capital of Ohafia, Elu has a prominent spot most sacred and respected by the Ohafia people. This place is called the “Achichi”. It is the place in Ohafia where Uduma Ezema, the founding father of Ohafia was believed to have been buried. This place has stood over the years as a spot of monumental sacredness. All words spoken in Achichi are believed to be nothing but the truth as the contrary is believed to be fraught with plague. The coronation of any Udumeze takes place here. Inter-village misunderstandings are also settled here. In ancient times, war between Ohafia and any group was declared at Achichi. In the olden days too, any hunter from any part of Ohafia who succeeded in killing a lion, leopard or tiger, normally presented the skin to the Achichi square.


Perhaps one of the greatest wonders of the land is the Ifutititi Waterfall. Hidden kilometers away from the residential axis of Amaekpu, Ifutititi Waterfall exudes great power and noisy vibration that may scare any first visitor to the site. It has over 300ff deep which was noted to have potentials for a hydro-electric power waiting to be developed either by private or government bodies. Another of such Waterfall exists in Uzoasuga in Akanu Ohafia.

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A steep and hilly elevation situated along the road that ushers people to the Asaga community is the Ugwu Aaba Asaga. The beauty of Asaga could be better appreciated when view from the steep of this mountainous hill. But there is more to it! Preliminary survey done by certain indigenous geologists reveals there abound vast mineral deposits on this hill. It may interest any ceramics industry to know that clay deposits are very visible on this hill.


Along the Federal road linking Ohafia to the Abam community is situated river called Mmori. The river is fed by streams of water flowing in from Onu- Uduma, the longest River in Ohafia. Mmori serves different purposes to the Ohafia community: clean and safe source of drinking water, laundry & washing purposes, good swimming experience and comfortable resting atmosphere. Above all, the route is motor-able and very accessible. Imagine a cool evening bath here!

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