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Opinion: Why I agree with Dr Ikpeazu



I read an interview in some national dailies and online news media credited to Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu which states and I quote “My mandate will not be stolen through the back door” and I quite agree with you Doc. 

Your mandate will not be stolen by any body either through the front or back doors and no amount of force,intimidation or blackmail will pull you out of that seat, but bear in mind that you are constitutionally bound to lose that mandate legitimately once you are found guilty by the courts inline with the extant laws of the federal republic because the office you are occupying at the moment is the making of the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria and the privileges you are enjoying as a sitting governor is also a creation of the law which you are aware of and swore to uphold and respect.

 I felt disappointed reading my Governor cast aspersions on the person of Dr. Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah, describing him as a desperado in possession of “slush funds” with all due respect sir, this is the very least I expected of a governor and an academician to use such an uncouth language on an eminent Abia son who has contributed so much towards the socio/economic development of the state simply because he is asking for his fundamental human rights through the courts I have never heard or read where Dr. Ogah described you or your office using a coarse or disdainful language despite the current judicial/political tug of war that both of you are engaged in the courts.

My governor you went further to besmirch the judiciary and judicial officers by accusing them of compromise simply because a judgment went against you.

Your description of the judge of federal high court Abuja Justice Okon Abang whose judgment you described as a coup detat against your government is very disappointing, deceitful and filled with untrue words and only shows that you abinitio lacked confidence in the judiciary and may have used other means outside the usual to obtain favourable judgments in the tribunal and supreme courts.

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My Governor we all know that you paid your taxes through the pay as you earn (PAYE) system and do not go for your tax receipts often unless when you have needs for it, but truth is you have had need to approach the board of internal revenue on 5 different occasions to demand for your tax clearance certificates the first was in 2002 when you were appointed a deputy transitional chairman for Obingwa LGA. the 2nd was in 2007 and 3rd time was March, 2011 when you were appointed as the General manager, Abia state passengers integrated manifest and safety scheme while the 4th was on May 5, 2013 when you were called upon to come on board as Abia state environmental protection agency’s 1st deputy general manager in charge of Aba zone.

I have a few questions for Dr. Ikpeazu that will go a long way to clarify the issues in the court of public opinion which will aid those whose major preoccupation these days is to arrange solidarity visits to government house Umuahia,

(1) In all of these times you approached the board of internal revenue demanding for your tax papers to aid your clearance at the Abia house of assembly which you got, can you truly tell Abians that in all the tax receipts you have demanded and collected from the BIR that you did not peruse the tax documents issued to you to authenticate the true reflection of details so contained before going ahead to submit same to the house for clearance?

2) Does the information contained in the tax documents that you have been receiving all these times been this divergent.
if “NO” ?

3) why didn’t you query the mistakes and demand for corrections before going ahead to submit the tax documents on oath knowing the implication of such megascopic carelessness in our constitution and also given the fact that even an infant knows that you can’t place your self on oath over some thing you are not very sure of, or is there any thing clandestine that Abians need to know now or after?

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In as much as in truism that such issues distract governance and it is difficult for any one to give optimal performance in such circumstances as a sitting chief executive, it is also true that allocations come as at when due and should be used to pursue developmental projects,making excuses of underperformance because of the current political impasse the state is facing is unacceptable, Abia has bled enough and needs to be consoled.

On your assertion that what the state is passing through is because of your person and background, to that I say no to such a statement coming from my governor, it gives a definition of one with low esteem and suffering from political and social complex.

I will prefer my governor understands that Abia is undergoing political re-engineering not aimed at a person or clan but meant to straighten the political history and behaviour of Abia politicians which the end product will be a better Society that will give Abians a stable polity and political confidence that we all desire and crave for.

On your assertion that Dr. Ogah is fighting you because he is from Abia north my Governor this matter should be devoid of any atom of clannish sentimentality but should be handled with the realism that it deserves, Abians should not be dragged into clannish divisibility as a result of personal interests, rather our public office holders should be the forerunners of truth, unity, oneness and should always preach politics without bothers.

Abia is Gods own state and Abians are Gods own people the will of God will surely happen in Abia.

Aguoru writes from Umuahia

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