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I Am In Support Of El-Rufai – Max Nduaguibe



Why are WE surprised of what is happening to us in this country in the name and guise of religion? Didn’t we see it coming? Maitasina, Boko Haram, the Shiite Islamic Movement in Nigeria and, countless other orgies in bloodbath, justified by our religious belief system. I blame the hypocrisy of our rulers and their conspirator-agents of God who remain content in encouraging the spreading of ignorance through uncensored religious values. How can we accept and adopt conflicting ancient holy books as the only ennobling political, social and moral material for the education and upbringing of our children and edification of our societies.

Why are we forcing ourselves to continue to live, sometimes against our human nature, by ancient precepts of holy books unguided, untutored, or when we are taught, it is by those who themselves are half-baked in the knowledge of what they pretend to believe in?
Why are we only now realizing the spread of ignorance in our society? Why are we only now coming to the knowledge of the multiplying armies of morons invading our public space?
The blame lies squarely at the door of our rulers and their conspirator-agents of God who have turned all of us to hypocrites. What do we expect when governments stand, either idly-by, and or in collaboration with merchants of God, to allow the breeding of morons by people who are themselves incapable of knowing what is real and what is not in their belief?

What can’t we comprehend when every Dick and Haruna is allowed to become a preacher, with mosques and churches indiscriminately springing out in every corner of the street, resulting in a situation of uncontrolled propagation of uncensored religious values? What do we expect when government allow the use of public mass media institutions to spread ignorance in the mass consciousness in the name of religious liberty, contrary to our Constitution.

We have all become hypocrites undeniably when we all consented that religion is everybody’s business enterprise. What do we expect when we have already implanted in the consciousness of the unwary to accept that the conduct of public religious propagation should continue in the form of a speech–from- the- throne, where the merchants of the gods pontificate ex-cathedra, as if they are gods themselves, the least of who consider themselves as God’s direct appointees on earth.

How have we forgotten our history books, how did we really forget that blind respect for religious authority has, historically, proved to be the greatest enemy of truth? Shall we be reminded of the many recanting and apologies of the Catholic Church, beginning from Galileo down to the repudiation of the concept of purgatory? I am in support of Gov. el-Rufai of Kaduna State. The State must intervene in setting the limits of public religious propagation, particularly when that is in fragrant violation of our too very timid extant laws of the land. The sovereign must intervene to limit the practice of faith; otherwise that is why there is failure in safeguarding the integrity of the Nation. It is this failure that is the cause of the bloodbath we have witnessed in this country since the 1950’s.

I also blame the Academia who has been driven to become fearful of people in power as our Universities are gripped by political correctness to the extent that they are incapable of speaking out and providing authoritative guideline, analysis and political solutions to our societal crises. Are we surprised of this particular outcome? We should not be surprised because many of the so-called educated men and women are merely mentally stunted individuals and contorted hypocrites products of the same uncontrolled propagation of uncensored religious values and education.

Boko Haram will be a child’s play when millions of our children, sick, hungry and uneducated constitute an army of morons and invade the public space. Then the rule of the hypocrites will come to an end in a most violent manner, leading to an unquantifiable human tragedy and disaster unknown to us as yet.

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