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Reasons Why Ikpeazu Is Not The Rightful Person From Ngwa Dynasty To Govern Abia – Chuks Omesie



First of all, let me use this medium to condemn the killing of two innocent Isiala Ngwa Local Government Workers, who were burnt like Christmas Goat without committing any offence. The security Agencies should investigate the cause of their deaths and bring the Perpetrators to Justice. There is no Political position that is worth the shedding of innocent Blood. If the present leadership of PDP, Abia State values the lives and Properties of Abians, let the duo who contested in the primaries that took two innocent lives be stepped down and fresh primary be comducted for a fresh candidate to emerge, just for a brief atonment of the innocent bloods which were shed.

Ndi Ngwa, can you people now understand that Okezie Ikpeazu is not the right person among you to be the Governor of Abia State? Can you see that Ikpeazu’s action has proven that he does not regard you people or value you, but each time any of his sins wants to remove him from the Office, you people will start clamouring, as if you are benefitting anything from him.

If Okezie is the right person from Ngwa dynasty to be the Governor of Abia State, he wouldn’t have remained silent when two indgenes of Isiala Ngwa North were killed during the stage managed PDP Chairmanship Primaries. I didn’t mean that Okezie slayed them before Predators will misquote me, but if Okezie values the lives of his people, Ngwa people, he would have at least visited the scene or their respective families to sympathize with them.

If he values his people who would always show up to defend him, he should have informed the Police by now, to investigate the cause of deaths of the Local Government Workers who were not even Politicians. Okezie never did that, he also didn’t send his Deputy, he just kept silent as if the innocent bloods mean nothing to him. But if this unfortunate death had happened in Ibeku Umuahia (God forbid), you would have seen Okezie visiting them and even promising the deceased families heaven and earth for their lost just to appease his Godfather.

When there were no comments condemning the death from the Office of the Governor who happens to come from Ngwa Dynasty, it was as if Ngwa Elites do not value the lives of their people, until Chief Ochiagha Reagan Ofomba condemned decried the killings . After reading from Chief Reagan, it became affirmative that human lives are really important in Ngwa land only that they have the wrong person from their Dynasty sitting as the Governor of Abia State.

The way Okezie is governing Abia State is heartbreaking and sorrowful. Human lives should be crucial at any given time, no matter the Tribe or Belief . Okezie Ikpeazu is the Chief Security Officer of Abia State but he takes the lives of Abians for granted and as well playing Politics with it. Many times people died unfortunately in Abia State, it sometimes, takes Okezie Ikpeazu weeks before condemning the act. Does that really portray a good image of someone who swore an oath to protect the lives and Properties of his State. In a sane society, Okezie actions amount to impeachment but our Bench Warmers in the House of Assembly would not understand it because they are just Tea Party assembly who are debating on irrelevant things.

Ndi Ngwa should have learned their lessons by now. They should now understand that Okezie does not worth being supported and defended based on his Dynasty. They have seen how the lives of their Brother and Sister were being used to play Politics. No one has been appreheneded and the Governor and his Party have not called for the arrest of the Perpetrators. With the way Okezie is governing Abia State, even if you give him 100 years, he wouldn’t do any tangible thing for Ngwa people, so before you kill yourselves defending Okezie another day, remember that he will not defend or protect you in your own time.

Next time anyone calls you to go the street because of Okezie Ikpeazu, Ignore the person because he cares less about you and he is not the right Ngwa Man to be a Governor of Abia State.

By the grace of God, the Supreme Court will deliver their judgement between Okezie Ikpeazu and Uche Ogah which will be in favour of Uche Ogah , by then Abians will experience what a caring Leader and Leadership by example is. Abians including Ndi Ngwa should focus their Prayers and Hope to God, to put Uche Ogah in Power as the Governor of Abia State.

Uche Ogah has no Godfather but he has God, the Father. Uche Ogah will not take the lives of Abians for granted, his Workers can testify how he cares about their well beings, let alone when he takes an Oath to protect Abians using his Office. Do you know that Uche Ogah does make sure that his Supporters are secured and provides Security for them at any given time. Uche Ogah will not play politics with the lives of Abians. Uche Ogah will treat every Abians equally irrespective of their political affiliations and beliefs. Uche Ogah will not impose candidate on Abians during an election. Uche Ogah will not display a chameleon attitude by calling Aspirants at the verge of an election and then inform them that they would not be given tickets when they have already purchased forms and are campaigning, thereby putting some aspirants into debts.

The only miracle Abians should be expecting is to be governed by a sincere man, who will be there for them both in good times and bad times. To be frank, Abians have suffered more in the hands of Okezie Ikpeazu and the only remedy is for the Supreme Court to let him out of the Office

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