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A MUST READ!! MMM is not a Business. Don’t do the scheme as Business. Find something doing.



By OkwaIfugo

Calls flying around, mails and every WhatsApp groups have been busy why? Over 2 million MMM subscribers woke up today to find out that their money will not be withdrawn till January 13th. This boils down to what so many people tell you in other to convince you to join the scheme. They tell you that….

1. MMM uses the money for oil & gas business and pay you 30% a month.
2. Every click on MMM website generates money for them.
3. They lend money to big politicians who returns with bigger interest.

The answer to 1 is that MMM is never in any oil and gas. Number 2 answer is that MMM has no google ad on their site therefore the site is not monetised for google AdSense. Lastly MMM never lends anyone money not to talk of politicians.

MMM robs peter to pay Paul. For example, they will collect from Nonso and Pay Adamu, Collect from Adebisi and Pay Edem. Now the money people Nonso, Adamu, Adebisi, Edem will bring into the system will be used to settle their bonus and interest… And it grows from this way till when ever.

MMM was threatened by the Nigerian govt and Mavro replied Buhari and gave him over 6 reasons why he is saving the lives of Nigerians with his Ponzi Scheme especially in this recession time. As a general its better you kill yourself than the enemy killing you when you are sure you have fallen 100% into the enemies trap. Mavro was overwhelmed by the high rate of GH request the system got in the last two days and decided to punish Nigeria Govt with a 30 days pause of payment in the system.

In other words, Nigerians will cry and wail and the govt will never talk about closing down MMM again so when it bounces back in January, they will be free to operate very well without any threat and Media malign. So the rate of cash withdrawal from MMM is more than cash coming in and with this the system will collapse. This is the reason MMM is going on break so stop withdrawal, keep you in your house, no Xmass, or party. No Extravagant Spending etc.

MMM warned you to invest your spare money. But will never match you in time if your investing that spare rather when investing huge funds from 200k your matched in few days while 20k your matched in 2-3 weeks. The truth is Nigeria do not have Spare money. They go into any investment especially when its a money doubling scheme with their whole cash. The best solution is stay calm, keep praying. I see MMM bouncing back but I see bonuses and the 30% being slashed. This happened in Zimbabwe and the scheme bounced back with percentage decline.

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