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Okezie Ikpeazu plans to Kill Abia Workers With Hunger – Chuks Omesie



Okezie Ikpeazu Gathered Abia State workers in order to fool them to Vote PDP during this LG election not to Pay them their 8 months Salaries. His government Has finally Suceeded In their Plan to starve Abia State Workers.

Apart from the time of Biafrian War and in the year 1988-1989 when there was an outbreak of Cassava Mealybugs (Phenacoccus manihoti) there has never being a time again Abia people experienced hunger until now Dr. OKezie Ikpeazu is the Governor.

This article will clearly tell the Readers that Abia State has one heartless Man as their Governor who is interested in looting the state and he has no regard for his Workers. Okezie Ikpeazu is one inept Man who doesn’t understand his background. Do you know that Okezie Ikpeazu’s Mother was a civil servant, if she wasn’t being paid just as Ikpeazu is owing workers 8 months salaries in Abia State, there wouldn’t have been money to train Ikpeazu.

Let’s not forget that Abia Workers are being owed for 8 months and imagine if one of the Workers were your Brother, Uncle or Aunty; think about how he/she would be feeling and what their families are passing through right now. Every kind hearted Abian should join and speak against this maladministration meted against Abia Workers by Okezie Ikpeazu. Okezie only came to steal, kill and to destroy Abia State.

Before now, there was an article i wrote, stating reasons why Abia Workers would go home empty handed this Christmas and as usual, some people saw it as a joke, but today I have been vindicated. Abians and Civil servants in Abia State should know that Dr. Okezie cannot pay Abia workers this year because there is no money to pay them, reason being that the fund which is supposed to be used to pay the Workers was massively looted before its arrival. I said it and that is the buttom pot. My previous Article has it that Abia government used their FAAC account as guarantee (MT-760) to give fictitious Cheques for the payments of their fictitious contracts, but later on they couldn’t receive the amount they expected. In fact, after they received about 11 Billion Naira from Paris Club returned fund, Abia State FAAC account is still on red. They need more than 20 Billion Naira to cover up the fictitous cheques they issued using FAAC account.

Okezie and Hon Eziuche Ubani are major team Players in what is happening to Abians today. Eziuche is the Commissioner of Workers in Abia State but he has used that ministry to siphon billions of naira belonging to Abians. They loot the state funds using fake Contracts and Contractors. The Contractors are those that help them convey the looted monies abroad, in disguise that they are sending the funds outside the country to use it for the purchase of construction equipment, and at the end, the funds will remain in a foreign account without supplying the equipment.

Since 1999 till date, Abia leadership has gone from bad to worse. Okezie is the worst Governor Abia State has ever had. Ndi Ngwa can now confirm what i wrote before now that Okezie Ikpeazu is not the right Ngwa Man to govern Abia because he lacks the unquenchable Ngwa man’s courage and sincerity to defend his people. The shame Ikpeazu is bringing to the Ngwa people is more than they could bear. Even when over 60% of Abia Work force are the Ndi Ngwa, still their son, who they are doing everything to defend, is not making any single effort to pay them. In fact Okezie is an embarrassment to Ngwa people, that was why i use to say that Okezie loves Ndi Ibeku more than Ndi Ngwa forgetting that Igbo proverb said that after eating at the townsquare, you go back to the hut (Erishaa Na Ama, Alaa Na Obi).

How to go about this pitiable condition of Abia workers this Christmas is for everyone to help one another. When situation like this occured in Osun State, well to do personalities, stakeholders and NGOs sent food items to them, at least for them to eat once a day. Since we do not expect our Civil Servants to go and steal, all we need to do is to help one another by supporting them with food items no matter how little it maybe.

During the time this similar thing happened in Osun State when Raul Arigbosola couldn’t pay his workers for 10 months, people and organizations were sent Trailers full of food items. Therefore, i use this medium to humbly appeal to the good people of Abia State who often claim to love our dear state to support Abia Civil Servants because they are really suffering and dying. I hope that former Governor Orji Kalu, Dr. Alex Otti, Dr. Uche Ogah, Dr. Chikwe Udensi, Bawas, Rtd.General Ihejirika, Ochiaha Reagan Ufomba, Rtd Real Adimiral Ndubuisi Kalu, Mr Emma Nbaka, Iyke Greg Ibe, Chief Chris Nwonta, Friday Nwosu SAN and others come to the aid of their dying state workers. Three Trailer loads of rice, one for each Senatorial Zone will go a long way to assist those Civil Servants who have not been paid.

Abia State really needs divine intervention and the people to revolt against the bad government created by T.A.Orji. It is a wicked foundation that T.A. Orji layed that Okezie is building on but hopefully, their end is very near. We really need to weep for the Patients who have been discharged untimely at Abia State Teaching Hospital Abayi Aba. I have received more than 17 calls from there reporting that Patients have been asked to go because the Doctors and Nurses have refused to attend to them because of non payment of their salaries for months. Even those booked for Operations have been asked to try other private Clinics and for now we are yet to ascertain the number of casualities.

The world should really pity Abians because nothing is more dangerous than a bad Leader and leadership. Though Ikpeazu is sitting as Abia Governor for now but the state has been hijacked from him. All the sources of getting revenue in Abia have been diverted to Agberos and they only give kickbacks to Ikpeazu, so there is no way Abia will move forward with this style of leadership. May God help Abians.

Meanwhile, i read that Federal High Court Abuja has given an interim injuction to stop Abia State LG election. I learn’t that all the parties were briefed by the judge earlier on before giving the injuction but Ikpeazu and Abia PDP in their usual stubbornness and disobedient to the authority insisted on making plans to go ahead with the election. More injunctions are coming as far as majority of Abians are not in support of the upcoming election. With the way Abians are using every legal means to resist injustice and bad leadership, let us hope that things will get better soon.

Abia State is really in a trial time and by the grace of God, Uchechukwu ga-eme in Abia State.

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