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I have been keeping quiet over the past one year or so on political matters,especially,the ones affecting OUR SORRY STATE (Abia State), which ,unfortunately, have never seen good governance since her creation in 1991.

Talk of infrastructure, health, security and the rest of them you will pity the state.

The most lucrative or booming business in Abia State is “SYCOPHANCY” or “PRAISE-SINGING”. Lying and telling the people that things are going well even when they are not.

A state full of deceitful human beings who has no human conscience or the fear of God,but goes about mimicking themselves in the name of being from “God’s Own State”. My brothers,God cannot be mocked. That He keeps silence without striking people for cajoling with His name does not mean He does not take record, but I am aware that He will visit the sins of fathers upon their children and Children Children when the time comes. After the race,the miles would be counted.

We all saw what happened in 2015 during the elections and today, 21-12-2016 is have been slated for LOCAL GOVERNMENT and COUNCILORSHIP ELECTIONS in Abia State.

In order to deceive themselves, some people have thought out the idea of holding the election during this festive period, in Midweek (Wednesday) and without restriction of movements to enable participation. In their sinister plan to make today’s charade called LG election look real, banks are asked to close while markets are open and the people going about their normal businesses.

Their joy is that most of the VOTERS’ CARDS which ought to be at the hands of the people are still at the hands of the thugs breeding agency of the state (L.G Headquarters) and they can bring them out today,hand them over to hired thugs who in turn will use the cards to vote in place of the real owners. So,whether the people come out or not, it does not matter. ABIA STATE NTOORRR!!!!.

My people,just tune-in to your radio, and of course,you know the stations to tune-in to and listen to hear about the result and how millions of people came out to vote peacefully ,and bet me, at the end of the day you will hear that One political party has won 98% of all the elections in Abia State,both the chairmanship and councilorship seats,and even if some bloods were shed (God forbid this time), you see the purported winners going to Churches to stand in front of the altars, picking microphones to mimic themselves in the name of thanks-giving to God.

A state where cars are shared among thugs while civil servants are owed is a doomed state. A state that a police officer will be harassing her citizenry,extorting monies openly and making sure that night life does not exist even when there is no curfew is doomed.

My heart bleeds to be frank.

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