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Too high a price to pay for beauty – Uche Aguoru



I have all along endured patiently while scrutinizing every little piece of information being scripted as regards the character people now refer to as the cucumber girl. Not because I do not know what to say or write but in all the articles I have read on the issue no one has attempted to come up with how and why it happened and a possible solution to future occurrences. Everyone is engaged in the blame game for either or against the two principal actors in the opprobrious sex drama of Miss Chidinma Okeke and Chief Uche Nworah. But, because I have always made it a habit to conduct proper investigation on issues before going public with my findings. And, having done that, in the end, I am laying 60% blame on the system that has ignored the protection of these gullible teenage angels, 20 Percent on greed, lack of moral values and sound societal background while the remaining 20% goes to the wickedness, treacherousness and pitilessness of the organisers.

My Investigation brought me to the reality as to why we can never get the holistic truth, not minding how much we press from either Chidinma or Uche Nworah the Director ABS Awka, the Organisers of Miss Anambra beauty pageant.
While it is obvious that miss Okeke may have fallen victim to some ravenously conscienceless men due largely to her desperate hunger for fame and wealth. And, does not deserve so much pity because she may have consciously entered into some unpalatable behind the scene contracts with the organisers that gave her an undeserved edge over others and turned her into a sex toy for not only Uche Nworah, but other interested persons within the top cadre in ABS Awka.

I was exposed into the ugly world of beauty pageantry in Nigeria by a former Miss Delta State who had a chat with me on the condition of anonymity, in her own case she had to abscond from Delta State University where she was studying as a third year economics student before she was crowned Miss Delta, when the blackmail became unbearable. She said, in the contract, she practically signed away her life to the organisers and the purchase agreement of the car she was given as a prize, a Toyota Corolla was already signed by her before it was handed over to her. In her own case, which is not very far from Chidinma’s story, she had to sleep with almost all the organisers in different hotel rooms within the one year that her crown lasted. She also said that she was forced to stop seeing her fiancée if she still want to keep the crown. There was a manager who monitors her every movement and engages her sexually when ever he feels like who signs her contracts and collects the proceeds only to give her what he deems fit. When I asked her how she got the manager she simply replied the organisers assigned him to me. She also said she only got 250.000 Naira out of the prize money of 1million Naira.

She made me to understand that Chidinma knew exactly what she was going into but it’s only greed and mindless quest for materialism and fame that will drag one into what we practice in Nigeria today. As beauty contest and the end result has always been beauty without brains as it is in Chidinma Okeke’s case.

After my chat with her it dawned on me that there are a million and one Uche Nworah’s in the country moving about and looking for young gullible beauties without brain to exploit which formed the crux of my opinion on beauty pageants in our country today and the need to have it regulated so as to protect our beauties and make the competition healthier.
As a result, I began to ask myself some questions some of which are:

(1)Is it not high time the senate and house of Reps make a law that will create an Agency or Commission that will safeguard the rights of these teenagers knowing very well the natural implication of leaving a gullible teenage beauty at the mercy of men who are either related to them or with any form of checkmate attached to the transaction?

(2) Is there not supposed to be an agency that will ensure that what ever prize promised the contestants gets to them and to also ensure that their rights and future are protected and secured from abuse?

(3) How can the likes of Uche Nworah be brought to book using our legal system and the Chidinma Okeke’s of this world made to value the worth of a woman and not place materialism over the dignity of womanhood? Bearing in mind that most of these girls are barely eighteen and in most cases incapable of independent reasoning, understanding and action as the case may be.

(4) Does our upbringing and value system have a role to play in such matters as we can see today between Miss Chidinma Okeke and her dangerous lust for material acquisition? Which has dug an unfillable grave to her reputation and that of her family and has also reduced her from a celebrity to a terrible example of what a beauty queen shouldn’t be.

While making a mental picture of how the society today will be looking at who ever calls herself a Beauty Queen given Miss Okeke’s experience, which is capable of discouraging any man from allowing his daughter into such a contest

I am of the opinion that the Senate and House of Representatives and the state Houses Of Assembly should look into the activities of the organisers of such contest and set rules and monitoring mechanism that will not make the organisers demi gods over the contestants. While the ministry of women affairs and the women rights protection NGO’s should be part of the organisation of any beauty pageant so as to save our sisters, future wives, mothers and leaders from hawks in the name of beauty pageant.

Aguoru ….Writes from Umuahia

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