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It is no longer news that PayPal in Nigeria can only be used to make payment online and no way of receiving funds from your legitimate online business transactions. I just woke up this morning to resume my normal online transaction, which I have gotten myself to enjoy. I got to the point of making payment online through PayPal and to my greatest surprise, it was declined. Which means the only available use of PayPal is now being denied me again!!
What could be going on? As usual, I went straight to google and nairaland and then discovered I am not the only one affected. Are you kidding me??? For a very long time now since all these economic palaver started, all other banks have prevented people from making online payments that require currency conversion and GTB MasterCard has been our saviour. Why now? Why this very point when we need it most that GTB also decided to punish us?

Well, all hope is not lost. I went back to my archives of information and did little more researches and I found some beautiful solution. I mean yes, we can resume doing our normal online transaction with or without GTB MasterCard or any other Nigerian Bank or CBN restrictions. They definitely cannot stop us. When you are doing the right and legitimate thing, there is always a way to go through with it.

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I will be highlighting some ways whereby you can keep earning online both making and receiving your payments in international currencies.
There are some tools you will need and I can guarantee they all work 100% (at least for now before some Nigerians will decide to basterdize it in greed). Let’s get kicking

You need a PayPal account (that can receive funds), a valid and legitimate US address and lastly but importantly, a Payoneer card and account.




1. Go to and create an account with them. this allows you to have a valid US based address and even a phone number and can be used for transactions to the point that you can have goods shipped to you through it (at a fee of course).
2. You will need a Payoneer account. A Payoneer account, in simple terms is a US based account, which you can use to receive and make payments worldwide no matter where you stay. It is very legitimate and they even give you a physical MasterCard, which you can use to make withdrawal from any ATM worldwide. Use this link to register on Payoneer and once registered, verify your account by supplying all necessary info and documents required and if in Lagos, you should get your Payoneer card in less than 4 weeks (I got mine in 3 weeks). You can click on the Payoneer links to open an account with them.


3. You need to open a valid PayPal account which will allow you to not only make payments but also to receive payments online. Yes I mean receive payment online. Strictly follow this link and use your US address opened earlier on when filling the form. Click here to open your PayPal account.

Once you have done all the steps above, you need to link up your Payoneer Bank details with your PayPal, confirm it and voila, you are ready to start receiving funds straight from your PayPal account and then you can cash out your cash from any ATM worldwide using your Payoneer MasterCard.

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1. For the PayPal account, you must use the link provided above otherwise a normal PayPal account will be opened for you which will detect your IP address as opening from Nigeria and thus not allow you to receive funds. Be careful.

2. Make sure that the information used for you Paypal account opening are the same as those used for your Payoneer account and they are valid information on your means of ID otherwise you may not be able to link both



To open a PayPal account now, Click here

and to open a Payoneer account, Click here 


NB: if you use the link above to register for payoneer, you are eligible to $25 for free





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