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These Television commercials were the real deal back then – Which one do you like Most? (WATCH VIDEO)

When television became a thing in Nigeria, adverts were some of the best advantages to businesses and brands. Television commercials, however, did more than make us learn about their existence, they were also part of entertainment generally.

It is either that adverts were really creative back then when compared to now, or that we didn’t have too many options, so we learnt to love them. Even at this, some adverts left their marks much more than others. Just as they advertised their brands to us, they also gave us something to laugh about or sing along to.

Here are just few of some of the top adverts of all time.

  • Blueband

Blueband butter is still very much in the market today, and their adverts are not as common as it used to be. Back then, this Television commercial was the real deal and kids and adults alike could not get enough of it. We all got to sing along and you bet we had time to patronize the brand as well.

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  • Closeup

Just like Blueband, this brand is still very much around. I bet a lot of us used this today. They didn’t get to this point with ease as well. Back when they just started, they invested so much in aggressive advertisement. This particular advert, however, was a major classic. I bet a lot of us remember it!

  • MTN

While this commercial is not as old as some of the others here, it remains a classic. This advert did a great job of getting your attention, over and again, every single time it aired. It spoke of love, beauty, and joy, even though it was just meant for a mobile communication company. Who would have thought an advert could offer such content!

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  • Indomie Noodles

Indomie Noodles always had some of the catchiest advertisements ever. Till today, they still continue to fill our stations with some of the best commercials ever. This one, was a jingle that lasted for a while. Children and adults alike, sang along with it. This just brings back good old memories.

  • Delta Soap

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of Delta soup, would be beautiful ladies. This is because the soap brand made sure that you thought of beauty when you thought of them. This advert was also very popular back then. Even though the soap is not such a big deal again today, this advert was one worth remembering.

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  • Peak Milk

Who remembers Papilo?! In this advert, was one of the best footballers of our time and it was probably why this advert was so popular. It was either because of him or because the advert was just one funny one. “Papilo, i know say one day you go make us proud”.

  • Panadol

Another character that was a popular one that was gotten from an advert, was Oga Solo from Panadol. This advert was lit. The song was catchy; it was funny, and it did more than well, when it came to passing across the message. “Panadol Extra go sama the strong strong headache”.

Which other adverts do you think should be on this list?

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