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“You are a dreamer” APGA chieftain Onukwubiri Blast Abia Deputy Gov Okochukwu

APGA Chieftain, Sunday Onukwubiri have reacted on a trending news that says “PDP will defeat APGA and APC come 2019 election in Abia state by the state deputy Governor, Chief Ude Okochukwu.

On his reaction, he said;
Few days ago, the media trend was the unpopular pronouncement of the deputy governor of Abia state, chief Ude Okochukwu, who boasted saying “PDP will defeat APGA and APC come 2019 general elections” One do not need any medical report to know that the deputy governor is experiencing a mental imbalance combined with a sleeping malady.

How dare Ude Okochukwu, former speaker who could not even win his constituency with all the military and police personnel at his disposal courtesy of Chief T A Orji (the owner of Abia PDP), open his cavity to make and unpopular and unqualified statement against the people’s party, APGA in Abia state? He needs to be told to his face that he has shown the stuff of his political imbecility, not knowing the reality of his political environment. No wonder, Chinua Achebe in his legendary book things fall apart, says ” He that the gods cracked his kernel should not talk when men are talking” Ude Okochukwu should not open his mouth in the political matters of Abia state having been roundly humiliated in Abia North, his political district.

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The question: Is Ude Okochukwu thinking 2019 election will go the same way of 2015 where the rigging expertise of chief T A Orji and the added complicity of the judiciary made Ude Okochukwu the unfortunate deputy governor? Instead of engaging himself meaningfully with what he is going to do after now, because his political relevance is ending with governor Okezie Victor Ikpeazu and he cannot contest senatorial position in Abia North and win come 2019, he is busy talking about an impossible task of defeating APGA in 2019.

Really, Mr deputy governor is dreaming. One wonders the PDP Dr Okochukwu is referring to, maybe he is not aware of the saying of the old people ” The crab that escaped from a trap, should check its legs well whether the legs are still complete” One wonders the strength of the PDP in the piece of the deputy governor, is it a PDP that has remained a skeleton in the state? A PDP that her members are ashamed of identifying themselves with? A PDP that has lost all the taste in her? May be, Mr deputy governor needs somebody to inform him that PDP in Abia is a leper and is quarantined. Mr deputy governor should have covered his face in shame wearing a gab of political skeleton as a cloth, most unfortunate. I know Abians will not listen to this Mr infant deputy, who do not know the problems of his political constituency, but only answering ” Yes Sir” to the table of governance in which he is a total stranger to her activities. It is most unfortunate.

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No wonder, Mr deputy governor introduced his road map to 2019, his connivance with the security to arrest the likes of Dan Iyke, whose offense was telling Abians the truth they need to hear. Mr deputy governor is simply signalling to Abians that he is preparing a full list of journalists and social media authors for arrests for their duty in publishing his xrayed political incapacitation for Abians to see. Yes, that’s the way to defeat APGA in 2019.

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I think by now, Chief Ude Okochukwu, the deputy governor, should preoccupy himself with his secret plans to join another party to launder his battered political image in PDP instead of embarking on a political mission impossible journey of 2019. It is quite unfortunate that the deputy governor is not aware that his Abia PDP is in life support and will die as soon as the oxygen is finally withdrawn in 2018, where comes the prophesied victory by Chief Ude Okochukwu?

APGA is the party, we welcome Mr deputy governor at the other end of 2019, he said.

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  • Informed Abian says:

    Mr. Onukwubiri, Abnews, and APGA. Is this piece that is as empty as your life how you intend to win Abia State come 2019? You need to go get a job! Some people can be very funny in the way they seek for relevance or public attention. And these kind of person have one thing in common : nothing good or meaningful in the society or in people’s lives can be attributed to them. Abians know better! Paid writer who can never write anything meaningful! The Deputy Governor if you don’t know is a perfect gentleman and a man dearly loved by we/those in his constituency and indeed Abia as a whole! I think you should rather start now to look for who you think that would defeat the OVI/UOC PDP mandate come 2019 than this cheap attention you tried to seek! PDP all the way! The Otti that APGA fielded last time Abians are beginning to look for his impact in the State prior and after his gubernatorial journey but can’t find any! So they know where your type belongs and that which motivates you! Go get a job Mr. Fool!

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