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Your priorities and strategy are wrong – Reagan Ufomba tells Gov. Ikpeazu

Chief Reagan Ufomba have described the activities of the Governor Abia state, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu’s administration as lack of focus on the main issues which Abians need.

On Chief Ufomba’s Facebook account today, he said that Abia State does not need a flyover, instead such fund should have been used to fix the bad roads which are everywhere in Abia State.

Ufomba also countered the need for building new schools as planned by the government….he advised that the money should be used to renovate old schools and equip them.



Read his full statement below;

“You do not admit a coma patient in a maternity ward, but at the Emergency unit. She cannot put to bed safely unless a cesarean is conducted.”

“Abia was in severe coma when he took over in 2015, and has no business with a Flyover and dismantling of people’s houses at this time when existing roads in Aba are horrible.”

“Faced with a dangerously dwindled revenue, several months of unpaid workers salaries, pensions and gratuities only a proper diagnosis, and strategic prioritization was required.”

“Instead of build a flyover I prefer he fixes existing roads, instead of build more schools I prefer he equips existing ones, and merges scantily populated others, instead of appoint 238 aides at extra costs to rig election, I prefer his good works rigs for him.”
These are flipflops requiring better coordination.

“Ikpeazu had few factors working in his favour, I hope he does not fritter them away.” he said.


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