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“Slave Trade in Libya, Hate in Southern Africa, Africans rising against Africans

By J Duke Anago

It has become a standard phenomenon for people with common ancestry, shared history, and common life experiences engage in self-immolating, self-defeating and self-hating tendencies and xenophobic attitudes. This is, mainly, on the increase in Africa as recently is the case with the recent sale of Africans by Africans in Libya, xenophobic attack on Nigerians and other Africans resident in South Africa sometime last year.

Since last decade, I have come to realise that most Africans I communicated with and those I admire and respect due to our closeness are suspicious of, and love to hate Nigerians. I don’t mean this at the individual level. I am speaking in collective or general terms, more like a historical hate, from generation to generation, from father/mother to daughter/son. Some parents strictly warned their children never to marry a Nigerian because a country of 180 million people are all fraudsters. This perhaps comes from perceived, learned parents who should understand that Nigerians bad image is the handwork of a minority.

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Even countries Like Congolese, Togolese, Sierra Leonean, Liberians, Zambians and South Africans who ought to know that crimes know no boundary often speak ill of Nigerians, especially with “419” even when their nationals have been caught committing more heinous criminal offences.


This has remained manageable until Libya took this to the next level. Slave trade knowledge I have is fictional and movie interpretations. Never have I witnessed slave trade until now. Indeed, Libya outdid themselves this time around. But, I thank them for opening the argument that slave trade was abolished in 1811. Certainly was never abolished , only under-reported.

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Pray for Libya
Pray for Africa
Stop hating Africans.
Be the Change Africa deserve.
Challenge your parent’s perception of another African and unite Africa.”

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