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33 Months in office: Okezie Ikpeazu’s scorecard



As the Abia state governor Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu bags the Vanguard Governor of the year 2017, his achievements so far is shown as documented by Abia Info.

Development Pillars of his Administration

1. Agriculture

2. Commerce

3. Industry

4. Oil & Gas

5. Education


1. Ease of doing business

2. Infrastructure

3. Healthcare

4. Housing

5. Security

6. Media & Advocacy

7. Education

Scorecard in 33 months

Agriculture-diversifying the economy through agriculture and diversifying agriculture using technology.

In agriculture, the state launched large scale mushroom production and training program that is already yielding great results. Many young Abians have been trained and currently engaged in mushroom production.

His administration is actively supporting rice farmers, to further boost production and put more ‘Abia Rice’ in the market, with the target of producing enough to feed all Abians in 2019.

Established a massive Palm plantation with over 4,000,000 tenera specie seedlings grown and sold across the state. The target is 7.5m seedlings at the end of 2019. It is expected that by 2022 Abia State will no longer depend on FAAC to run as the palms and other programs are expected to diversify the economy of the state.

He is funding commercial agriculture through grants and soft loans to farmers.

Governor Ikpeazu provided mechanized farming equipment across the state through leasing at affordable rates; less than 50% of the previous lease cost.

Commercial production of cocoa and cashew have been boosted through deliberate investment by the government. The objective is to ultimately establish processing plants for the primary products to further enhance benefits within the value chain for the cash crops.

The administration is directly providing fertilizers to farmers at subsidized rates alongside other free extension services.

Ikpeazu’s administration embarked on enhanced poultry and fish production with phase 1 of 100 poultry pens of 2000 birds executed.

The administration constructed a 165,000 birds capacity poultry processing plant at Umuosu Nsulu in Abia central senatorial zone. Additional two units for Abia North and South are currently under construction.

Following the provision of counterpart funding for FADAMA III projects, 300 young Abia farmers benefitted from N2.5m per person grant as part of the Farmpreneur project of the world bank (FADAMA).

Also in partnership with the world bank, Abia commenced reactivation of the long moribund Igu Dam to ensure all year round rice production in the state.

Abia State is currently in partnership with Bank of Agriculture and the federal government in the enhanced eggs production project.

Education-Back to back, for 3 years Abia came first in WASCE.

As part of the administration’s capacity building agenda, the state launched the Education for Employment (E4E) scheme that has already produced 472 graduates with relevant skills in ICT, at Phase 1. Phase 2 of the program which is aimed at training 36,000 unemployed Abians in different skills has commenced at the Multi Skill acquisition facility at Umuobiakwa in Obingwa LGA.

For the first time in Abia state, a database of unemployed Abians has been compiled and the government is taking verifiable actions to provide them with jobs, using the recently launched Abia state job portal.

In partnership with Dangote group, a modern job center is under construction at Isiala Ngwa.

To further enhance the capacity and productivity of Abia teachers, the administration is partnering with Australian education solution providers to retrain them and enhance teaching efficiency. More than 800 teachers have benefited from this program.

A new teachers training facility has been opened at Umuahia to ensure continuous training of primary and secondary school teachers.

Under Ikpeazu’s watch, Abia State has maintained 1st position in WAEC and NECO examinations for consecutive 3 years as a result of increased monitoring and enhancement of private and public sector educational resources.

To motivate our teachers for better performance in our schools, Governor Ikpeazu donated cars to best performing teachers from the 3 zones and also built staff quarters at Umuahia.

In consideration of the current socio-economic situation in the country, the government reduced tuition fees at ABSU, Abiapoly and College of Education Arochukwu to support Abia parents and guardians.

Abia’s homegrown free school feeding program was launched in 2015 and currently ongoing across the state. Abia State, under Ikpeazu, is the only state in the federation providing food for primary one to six school pupils.

Also Ikpeazu’s administration partnered with the private sector to provide free Made in Aba school sandals to over 2000 school children in the state. More will benefit from this program which also supports Governor Ikpeazu’s Made in Aba promotion agenda.

In order to boost ICT education and stimulate interest in that area in our children from early age, Abia State launched Free ICT and Coding training for primary and secondary schools in the state using the e-library at Umuahia as hub.

For the first time in Abia state, the ministry of education launched and deployed a unified education platform for all schools in the state. Results and activities of all Abia school children can be monitored from one platform for private and public schools.

In fulfillment of the Governor’s electoral promise, Abia State is constructing 4 model schools (Abayi Aba, Obingwa, Umuahia and Ohafia) with nursery, primary and secondary schools in one location alongside sports facilities and teachers quarters. This we are able to execute because we paid our UBE counterpart fund of N2.8b.

359 new school classroom blocks are currently under construction in the state with more than 100 completed and ready for Commissioning.

In addition, the state ministry of education renovated/constructed 67 classroom blocks across the 3 Senatorial zones of the state, sank 9 Boreholes and reticulated water supply to 43 school toilets.

To support regular monitoring of schools in rural and urban areas of the state Governor Ikpeazu launched a new statewide education inspectors scheme and provided 42 motorcycles to enhance efficiency.

The administration has reconstituted the state scholarship board and awarded tertiary education scholarships to best performing WASCE students in all the LGAs for 2 years.

A new education hub is emerging around the Owerrinta area with the government providing necessary infrastructure support to ensure the development of the biggest education cluster in Africa.

Infrastructure-Caterpillar Revolution

In the area of infrastructure development and renewal, caterpillars and other construction equipment have been active across our state.

A. The Ultra modern Abia Investment House was constructed and commissioned by then Acting President Yemi Osibanjo.

B. Okon Aku bridge at Ohafia local government was delivered and is currently in use.

C. Nneato Bridge leading to Eziama Umunneochi was also commissioned and put to use.

D. Street lighting projects were executed along selected roads at Aba and Umuahia.

E. In Abia State, under Ikpeazu, more than 134 road projects are either completed or ongoing.

List of Completed road projects

1. Kaduna Street, Umuahia North LGA.

2. Kamalu Road, Aba North LGA

3. Umuwaya Road, Umuahia North LGA

4. Road II, Federal Lowcost Housing Estate, Umuahia North LGA

5. Niger Road, Umuahia North LGA

6. Ukaegbu Road, Aba

7. Umuola Road, Aba North LGA

8. Umuocham Road, Osisioma LGA

9. Umule Road, Aba

10. Ommene Drive, Aba

11. Jubilee Road, Aba

12. Ehi Road, Aba

13. Hospital Road, Aba

14. Ube Street, Aba

15. Adazi Street, Aba

16. Okon-Aku Main Bridge, Ohafia LGA

17. George’s Street, Aba South LGA

18. Echefu Road, Aba South LGA

19. Enuc Road, Osisioma LGA

20. St. Michael’s Road, Aba

21. Azikiwe Road, Aba

22. Pound Road, Aba

23. Uwalaka Street Link Road to Factory Road, Umuahia North LGA

24. Ubakala Street, Warri By Club Road, Bende Road, Army Checkpoint, Bank Road, Abia Tower Round About, Umuahia North LGA

25. Owerrinta Road, Aba

26. Week’s Road, Aba

27. Park Road, Aba

28. School Road, Aba

29. East Road, Aba

30. Okwunauka Road, Aba

31. Cameroun Road, Aba

32. Queens Road, Aba

33. Ehere Road, Obingwa LGA

34. Umuojima Road, Osisioma LGA

35. Imo Ndikpa Bridge, Umunneochi LGA

36. Umuojima-Owerrinta Road with Spur from Owerrinta to Umuocheala, Isiala Ngwa South/Obingwa LGAs

37. Bata-Railway Crossing-Brass Junction, Aba North LGA

38. Ibadan Road, Aba South LGA

39. Aharandu Road, Aba South LGA

40. Onyebuchi Road, Aba South LGA

41. Umuehigbu Road, Aba North LGA

42. Road 2 in low cost Housing Estate Umuahia

43. Road 8 in Low Cost Housing Estate Umuahia

44. Ugwuezi road Abiriba (ring road phase 1) Ohafia LGA

45. Asphalt Overlay of 1.3km dualized Aba Owerri Road (2.6km single lane and channelization of Aba Phase I), Aba

46. Okobo bridge along Abam-Ndi Oji/Ndi Okereke-Arochukwu road

47. Erosion Control Works at (6) Spots Along Uzuakoli-Akara-Ohafia Road (10km), Bende LGA including Imenyi

48. Ovom road, Ogbor Hill Aba

49. Mosque Street Aba

50. Umuatako road Aba

51. Asa Umuka-Ugwunagbo Obohia Junction road, Ugwunagbo LGA

52. Owerri road off Okigwe road Aba.

53. Chima Nwafor road Aba.

54. Abam Street, Unuahia North.

55. Awolowo road, Umuahia North.

56. Nbawsi-Umuala road, Isiala Ngwa North.


1. Expansion/Rehabilitation of Ururuka Road from Obikabia Junction to Umuobiakwa, Obingwa LGA


2. Construction of Old Express Road, Aba South LGA

3. Construction of 3 No Roads Government Station Layout (ICC, ASUBEB Building Road and JAC Building) Umuahia North LGA

4. Rehabilitation/Reconstruction of Nbawsi Road from King Mortuary to Umuala Nsulu, Isiala Ngwa North LGA

5. Construction of Agbama Housing Estate Ring Road, Umuahia North LGA

6. Construction of 3 No Roads in Federal Lowcost Housing Estate, Umuahia North LGA

7. Construction of Eke-Eziama Obuzu Ngodo Road, Umunneochi LGA

8. Construction of Abiriba Ring Road phase 2 with Spur to Amaukwu, Ohafia LGA

9. Construction of Eluama Amilo Acha and Amino Otamkpa, Isuikwuato LGA

10. Construction of Umuovom-Okwueze House of Assembly Road, Umuahia North LGA

11. Rehabilitation/Reconstruction of Abia Nkwo Ahiaba Umueze-Udeagbala PH Express Express Junction with Spur to Umuimo Junction on Aba-Owerri Road, Aba North LGA

12. Construction of Ebenma/Egege Road, Aba North LGA

13. Construction of Osisioma Interchange (Flyover) Aba

14. Rehabilitation of Umuaro-Umuokoro-Mgbokonaya-Umuokegwu-Omoba-Umuerie-Umuekia Road, Obingwa/Isiala Ngwa South LGAs

15. Construction of Ariam-Usaka Ring Road, Ikwuano LGA

16. Construction of Umuagu-Ossa Ukwuowo Obikabia-Ohuru Ring Road, Obingwa LGA

17. Construction of Unueze-Agbor-Ubani Ibeku Modern Market Road, Umuahia North LGA

18. Construction of Ozuabam-Ndi Okereke-Arochukwu Road, Arochukwu LGA

19. Construction of Amuihe-Umuokehi-Umunkaru Afugiri Road, Umuahia North LGA

20. Construction of 3 No. Roads in Umuahia (Umuana 1st Gate, Unuana-Ahiaeke Road and IBB GRA Dual Carriage Way), Umuahia North LGA

21. Construction of Bende-Idima Aba Road, Arochukwu LGA

22. Construction of Ebem Layout Road Ohafia

23. Expansion of Aba-Obikabia Road, Isiala Ngwa North LGA

24. Reconstruction of Uratta-Umuekechi-Obekwe-Ogwe Road, Ukwa West LGA

25. Construction of Umuobiakwa-Itukpa Crescent, Obingwa LGA

26. Construction of Umuojima-Owerrinta Road with Spur to Owerrinta Umudigha Road, Isiala Ngwa South

27. Construction of Abiriba Junction to Etitiama Nkporo, Ohafia

28. Construction of Umuobiakwa-Owo Onicha Ngwa Road, Obingwa LGA

29. Construction of Amaoba-Nnono Ndoro-Oboro Road with Spur to Ikputu, Ikwuano LGA

30. Construction of Amuda Isuochi Community Road, Umunneochi LGA

31. Construction of Lohum-Nkpa Dto Enugu Port Harcourt Expressway, Bende/Umuahia North LGAs

32. Dualization/Expansion of Umuahia-Aba Road , Ururuka (Phase II), Umuahia North/South/Isiala Ngwa North/South/Obingwa LGAs

33. Reconstruction of Umuahia Railway Crossing to Eastern Comfort Hotels, Umuahia North LGA

34. Construction of Ariam Usaka Ring Road, Ikwuano LGA

35. Reconstruction of Emelogu Road, Aba

36. Reconstruction of Ohazu-Ozumba Streets, Aba

37. Reconstruction of Faulks Road, Rehabilitation and Expansion of Ifeobara Pond with 6.5km underground drainage to waterside Aba.

38. Rehabilitation of Trinity College-Afara Technical Secondary School Road, Umuahia North

39. Construction of Umuocheala/Abayi-Ihie Road, Isiala Ngwa South

40. Construction of Abayi-Ariaria Umuojima-Umuakpara Road Spur to Umuidiagha

41. Construction of Nbawsi-Eziala-Osusu-Okpuala Ngwa Road, Isiala Ngwa South LGA

42. Reconstruction of MCC road Aba

43. Reconstruction/Construction of Udeagbala Road, Aba

44. Reconstruction/Construction of Kent street with Spur to Aba Shopping Mall, Aba

45. Reconstruction of Aba Area Command Access Road, Aba

46. Construction of Ibere Road by Ngwa Road, Aba

47. Rehabilitation of failed sections of No. Roads in Aba Municipality (Total Area 19.914km), Aba

48. Reconstruction of 3 Roads within World Bank Housing Estate , Umuahia North LGA

49. Construction of Obinwa- Omauzor Abattoir Road, Uratta Aba

50. Construction of Agbozu Cocoa Plantation Road, Uratta Aba

51. Construction of Nbawsi Urban Roads, Isiala Ngwa North LGA

52. Construction of Umuaro-Nenu-Obot Akara Road, Obingwa LGA

53. Construction of Road in Uratta Integrated Market, Aba

54. Osokwa-Aro Umuehie-Omoba Road

55. Isiahia-Umuode Road

56. Obehie (Foundation Hope) Umukalu-Umuturu-Obaha-Obohia-Ohandu-Umuibe Road

57. Amaise-Umuobiakwa-Ohanze Road

58. Owoo-Ahiafor-Agburuike-Ohanze Road

59. Reconstruction Umuaro-Umuanunu-Ekwereazu-Nto Border Road

60. Ovom/Umuogele Junction-Ukuenyi-Abala-Ika Akwa Ibom Border

61. Eziala-Nvosi-Eketa Road

62.Mgbokonta-Amachi-Umunkpeyi Road

63. Umunkpeyi-Amaiyi-Okpokiri-Umuehim-Umuru Road *

64. Amachi-Nenu Road

65. Construction/Rehabilitation of 10km length of Rural Road(s) in each of the 17 LGAs of Abia State

66. Reconstruction of Port Harcourt Road Aba, Aba North LGA, to 6-lane road with BRT lane.

67. Construction/Dualization of Layout Roads in New Government House Area, Umuahia North LGA

68. Construction of People’s Road-Akpu Road

69. Reconstruction of Ngwa Road Aba South LGA.

70. Reconstruction of Immaculate Avenue Umungasi Aba with spur to Kamalu road.

71. Rehabilitation of 10 No. Roads in Umuahia- Agbazuere Road, Orpet Filling Station to Nwokwa Street, Nneokwa Street, Enugu Ukwu Street, Ndoki Road, Health Centre Road, Emma Nwabuko to Upstairs Line Road, Mazi Akuma Okoro Road, Unuafai Junction to Kolping ( Upstairs Line) Road and Mao Ohuabunwa Road, Umuahia North LGA

72. Construction of Ukoma Road, Umuahia North LGA

73. Umuda Isingwu erosion control, Umuahia North LGA

74. Construction of St Paul’s Street Umungasi Aba

75. Reconstruction of Osusu road Aba.

76. Reconstruction of Omuma road Aba

77. Reconstruction of Uratta road Aba.

78. Construction of Ovim-Acha road in Isuikwuato LGA.

79. Construction of Ogboro-Amibo-Acha road in Isuikwuato LGA

G. Ikpeazu administration introduced the use of Rigid Pavement (Cement) Technology in road construction to guarantee minimum of 30 years life span for concerned roads. Most of the roads constructed at Aba were done using this technology, following the realization, through painstaking research, that to ensure longevity of new roads at Aba there is need to ensure that all our roads are solid with double drains that empties into free flowing major drainage facilities that terminates at our already partially dredged storm water collection points.

H. Governor Ikpeazu embarked on a massive desilting of drainage-ways (gutters) at Aba and partially dredged waterside river to receive more storm water and prevent flooding of roads after the usual heavy rainfall we experience for more than 8 months of the year.

I. It is on record that Ikpeazu’s administration commenced the construction of the first ever Abia interchange (flyover) since the creation of the state, at Osisioma Aba.

K. Ikpeazu’s administration is actively working on federal government owned Aba-Owerri road Aba with drainage and other works 90% completedL

L. Recently the Abia State Government donated 40 units of 300 KVA 33/11 transformers to 40 communities in the 17 LGAs, out of 50 units procured to provide and/or boost rural and urban electrification. Efforts are at advanced stage to procure more Transformers for distribution as power is considered key to the industrialization agenda of the administration.

M. Governor Ikpeazu is also working with the management team of Geometrics Limited and other power providers to ensure early roll out of affordable uninterrupted power supply across the state. The Governor recently joined the Geometrics team to visit the Cairo Headquarters of AFREXM bank to explore funding support for Geometrics operation. The administration is also at advanced stage of negotiation with other power providers.

In partnership with Rural Electrification Agency of the Federal Government, more than 1000 shops at Ariaria International Market have been enjoying steady power supply on Ikpeazu’s watch as support for the growth of MSMEs in the state.

The administration is currently implementing Ozuitem water scheme to provide potable water to the people of Ozuitem in Bende LGA.

Work is expected to commence this month on ltem water scheme in Bende LGA awarded by the administration.

Commerce, Industry and SME Development-Made In Aba leads

As part of the administration’s efforts to reactivate moribund factories in the state, the government resuscitated the Aba Glass industry. The government is also working with the owners of Golden Guinea Breweries Umuahia, Modern Ceramics Umuahia and Enyimba hotel Aba to bring back the businesses to life.

To ensure automation of shoe production processes at Aba, Governor Ikpeazu sponsored 30 Shoemakers to China to learn automated shoe production and the government is set to import modern shoemaking equipment for mass production.

So far, Governor Ikpeazu has assisted Aba producers to get orders worth more than N2b in direct sales, including 50, 000 military booths, uniforms, 25,000 shoes for IDP camps, ballot boxes and others for LGA polls etc.

The Government has aggressively promoted Made in Aba brands, locally and internationally, with fashion shows held in Abuja and New York City in USA. Since coming to office, Governor Ikpeazu has been the chief promoter of Made In Aba clothes and shoes which he proudly wears and market to others.

As a result of the pull on demand occasioned by Governor Ikpeazu’s promotional activities, Aba shoe makers now export more than one million pairs of shoes weekly to neighboring countries. Unlike in the past, the products are proudly branded as “Made in Aba” or “Proudly Aba Made”.

Internationally, his efforts at promoting Made in Aba brands received support from Ford Foundation who funded and launched international marketing campaigns for Made In Aba brands at zero cost to the state via CNN and other international media platforms.

It was in recognition of the administration’s focused effort at promoting Made in Aba (Made In Nigeria) that the federal government signed executive order number 3 to make it compulsory for local procurement of all goods and services with locally made alternatives.

The initial works for the emergence of Umukalika leather and garment cluster is ongoing and we hope to move into the location early next year.

A new ultra modern mechanic village at Ogbor Hill is currently under construction and expected to be completed early 2019. Additionally, Ikpeazu’s administration is partnering with private sector operators to construct the biggest mall in the south east for Made in Aba Products at Etche road Aba.

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The government, in partnership with the federal government, also launched Government enterprise empowerment program (GEEP) that provides up to N100,000 to selected Abians who are grouped in cooperative societies. So far the program has funded more than 1,000 Abians. The state is set to increase the cash amount to N100,000 per participant.

In support of our young entrepreneurs, Governor Ikpeazu supported the South East Entrepreneurship Development Centre with headquarters in Umuahia, a Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) program, with N100m take off grant.

The administration has commenced the processes necessary for the establishment of Enyimba industrial city with 9300 hectares of land set aside to host the most ambitious industrialization program ever executed in the South East region of Nigeria. The project has already attracted interest of investors from China, Singapore, South Korea and Nicaragua.

In the area of transportation, Governor Ikpeazu’s Administration trained and launched TIMAAS to enhance toad use discipline and enforce other relevant laws on sanitation and discipline.

To support preservation and maintenance of public infrastructure, Governor Ikpeazu established the Abia State Public Utilities management agency (APUMA).

Security-Abia is the most peaceful state in Nigeria and safest in South East

The perennial security challenges in our state are being tackled through Governor Ikpeazu’s unflinching support to security agencies in the state, including donation of 35 vehicles that are equipped with communication gadgets for improved anti-crime operational efficiency.

The aggressive policy of demolishing kidnappers properties and dens, cash for whistle blowing on kidnappers and enhancement of the local vigilante services have helped to reduce crimes and secure the state. According to a recent report by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Abia state recorded the 2nd lowest crime rate in 2016.

A new Security fund and a novel security card was launched by the Ikpeazu administration to support improved security of lives and properties in the state.

It is also on record that Abia State was voted the most peaceful state in Nigeria with a recent report published in the Media (Vanguard Newspaper) confirming the state as recording the least number of violent deaths within the south region in the first 10 weeks of the year 2018.

Healthcare-life expectancy improves above national average

In the area of healthcare delivery, a number of successes have been recorded in the last three years.

Abia State Emergency Medical Services (EMS) was launched in Jan 2017 to provide services across the state with initial 2 units of state of the art Intensive Care Unit fitted motorized equipment with appropriately trained staff. Service is accessed via a dedicated Toll free number 112. This service in future would be tied to the State Health Insurance Scheme and is currently supported with 5 ASPIMSS ambulances.

The set is set to establish the first ever kidney transplant center in Umuahia, in collaboration with a Diaspora medical team that recently performed the first ever kidney transplant in the state.

Abia implemented WHO/FMOH model of one primary health care (PHC) per political ward. Abia State now has 292 WHO recognized Primary Health Care centers (PHCs) across the state alongside Primary Healthcare under one roof (PHCUOR) which is in keeping with international best practice.

Governor Ikpeazu’s deliberate actions and policies attracted the Basic Health Care Provision Fund (BHCPF) beneficiary pilot state status attracting N1.5bn (July 2017), from The World Bank following the successful hosting by Abia State in January 2017 of The 59th National Council on Health. These funds are to be applied at the 292 PHCs for qualitative services at that level of care.

Ikpeazu’s administration also provided the N100 million counterpart funding for BHCPF, the first in the history of Abia state, and attracted the $1.5million grant for the Saving One Million Lives program for results now being implemented in Abia since June 2017

Abia State’s Tele-Health Initiative (ASTHI) concluded the 6 months of pilot tests in 15 PHCs and was launched in March 2018. The service has been rolled out across the whole 292 PHCs in the state to help bring life saving care to all Abia communities. It is a first of its kind in Africa.

On Ikpeazu’s watch, the Canadian Government partnered with the state for the Integrated Community Case Management (ICCM) of the 3 childhood killer diseases of malaria, diarrhoea and pneumonia being anchored by Society for family Health(on behalf of WHO/Canadian Govt). This project is now in its transition phase to full management by the state Government.

The organized private sector in Nigeria is lending support to Ikpeazu’s focused healthcare improvement effort with MTN Foundation funding 2 PHCs in their new program “what we can do together campaign” in Ikwuano and Arochukwu LGAs.

They also helped to build 4 brand new and world class maternal and child wards at Okpuala Ngwa, Owaza, ABSUTH and Abia Specialist Hospital in Amachara Umuahia.

Nestle Plc is collaborating with Ikpeazu’s administration in the areas of infant nutrition and maternal care services. Already, an MOU with Nestle Nutrition Institute in Africa has been signed. The first phase of capacity building training/development for our medical personnel have been concluded. It is expected to continue with the aim of further improving our health indices.

Ikpeazu’s administration commissioned a General Hospital in Obingwa, complete with accommodation facilities for medical personnel. Remaining 3 new general hospitals located at Arochukwu, Ikwuano & Okeikpe are at 95% completion.

The long abandoned Aba General Hospital has been reactivated by Governor Ikpeazu and already providing healthcare services to Abians.

Within this period, Governor Ikpeazi also re-furbished maternal and Children’s building at ABSUTH Aba as well as executed a PPP arrangement to procure cutting-edge medical equipment at the tertiary healthcare institution.

Furthermore, the state obtained Re-Accreditation of Undergraduate medical training for new doctors at ABSUTH and currently working on the re-accreditation of post-graduate training schools in obstetrics & gynaecology, surgery and pediatric medicine.

Abia state recorded improved Health Indicators, compared with other states and national averages, as can be verified from data available with World Health Organization (WHO).

To further improve healthcare services and curtail medical tourism, the administration is collaborating with The Hospital Group in the USA for the establishment of Obuaku Medical City and The East Coast Medical Group in the USA for a specialised organ transplant centre in the old Aba General Hospital while Capital Health Surgical Group is upgrading the Specialist Hospital Amachara to an Urgent Care Centre.

In general, referral medical facilities are at a level never witnessed in the past because of the focused interventions of the Governor.

Abia State also launched the first of its kind free home care services for senior citizens with vehicles provided and personnel trained to reach senior citizens in all the Senatorial zones of the state to offer care and contribute to the government’s healthcare objective of improving life expectancy above the national average.

A new Mother and Child Specialist Hospital is set to open at Umuahia.

Sports and Youth Development-a new paradigm in youth empowerment

In sports, Abia is the only state in Nigeria maintaining 3 top performing premier league status football teams: Enyimba FC, Abia Warriors and Abia Angels.

Enyimba FC of Aba is currently playing in the continent and representing Nigeria very well.

Enyimba international stadium at Aba is undergoing remodeling with Astro-turf and new stands almost completed. For the first time, toilet facilities are being constructed within the stadium for the comfort of Sports loving people of Abia State.

Governor Ikpeazu is aggressively re-introducing school sports to develop new talents.

Recently, the state held the first ever ‘Abia Youths Mega Summit and rally’ that brought together young people from across the state to brainstorm and develop the framework for their participation in the development of the state.

Abia Youths are trained and engaged in productive activities that sustains for life.

Democracy-Governor of the people for the people by the people

Ikpeazu’s administration is deepening democracy in the state and successfully conducted Local Government polls that produced elected officials at the 3rd tier of government.

The administration has maintained transparency in its dealing with the people with the Governor regularly engaging citizens through Town Hall meetings and regular interactive radio and television programs.

Social Investment-no Abian left behind

The administration, through the office of the wife of the Governor has built and donated 40 houses to widows in the state.

In addition, more than 5,000 women across the state have received various skills training, such as tailoring/fashion designing, cake making, catering and hairdressing with working materials provided to them after training.

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