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A Political Activist Bernard Ogbe has emphasised that Nigeria is not yet ready to adopt state policing as obtained in other parts of the world.

Using Abia state as a reference point in an article, the season said lack of resources to finance the project by the states is a major reason the state policing may not succeed in the country.

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One may ask, why should Abia State be a case of study in the institution of state policing in Nigeria.

Permit me, in my assumed senseless writing, to state that Nigeria is not yet ripe for the institution of state police.

State police is a venture that entails in details, sophisticated mechanisms and techniques in achieving stability in its runnings to avoid rancor or frictions in aims or purpose if its establishments.

Bringing to summary my explanations above, be it mechanisms or techniques, they all revolve around finances (funds) so huge.

How well can most Nigerian States beat her chest to financing state police, is a big questions we’re yet to answer…

Many may say, the Federal government would make available allocations to shoulder such human project. However, looking down the memory lane, how judicious had the states fend in the allocations made available to pay public service workers???

Now The Big Story…

Imagine a state, in the search for what can be done, to create a peaceful enabling environment for citizen to live safe and freely, instituted a “VIGILANTE GROUP”.

At first it was a thing of joy as many were employed and crossed the idol lines to been useful to the common interest, serving our motherland.

What did they get in returns???

Almost twelve (12) months unpaid salaries…

These are men empowered with guns in the bid to help the NPF cub crimes in the state. Moreover, we must admit before nature, what an angry in hungry man can do, knowing the usefulness of what he was empowered with…” A GUN”….

Why should they ( the Abia State Vigilante Group) be left at the mercies of their principals for their daily bread?

Should they be roped in the agony of meeting up to family needs???

Is Abia State governor, with due respect, Okezie Ikpazu owed his salary nor traveling allowances?? Maybe we should assume the Federal government denied Abia State their monthly allocations that included the 13% derivation funds meant to shoulder the responsibilities of the state…

Or is Abia state still under bondage as they initially propagated on the media to misled citizens?

How well, do you expect such Nigeria States to foot tentatively, State policing???

Do we need to be reminded what a hungry and angry man, empowered with guns can do if frustrated with none payment of salaries??

With the on going salary / hunger strike of the vigilante groups in Abia State, all the PDP media mouth piece are glued to speak. They rather would be the first to lay blames on Buhari’s administration the moment there are security challenges/ bridges in the state, putting blames on the NPF forgetting the possible negative outcome of the neglects of the Okezie Ikpazu’s administrations towards paying attentions to this armed empowered Abia state vigilante personnel.

This I believe are challenges faced in most states of the Federation.

All security agencies are worth treatments enshrined to them by law in the constitution. They make extra efforts watching over the nation while we sleep. They take risks, while we run for safety.

It’s better the state governor, Okezie Ikpazu deprives himself in sacrifice, his salaries than keep these young citizens, with guns and not pay them their wages…

This is a call and cry from the wilderness. The Abia state government must turn his attention to settling these armed vigilante men, it’s their total right.

No wonder the cry to voting out the PDP in Abia State. Their insensitivity to owe even armed Abia state vigilante men is ridiculous. And they want Abians to believe they’re safe…

One thing is certain, the wind of change is around the corner, impunity, gullibility, arrogance and the spell of insufficient morals will meet their judgement come 2019.

The State policing is no doubt a good purpose but I don’t see us good enough to kick start at this point of our democracy.

More hands should be employed in the NPF to meet up the growing populations of Nigeria and more Police divisions created in virtually all communities. This can improve our internal security to reasonable extents. (Personal Opinion)…

I may have tagged my writing senseless, but if we have brains and it works as it should, reading between lines of this absolute write up, there are senses to all that are wise…

Let’s Keep Hopes Alive and join in this historic efforts of making Nigeria great again.

Bernard Ogbe
Political Activist And Seasonal Writer.

DISCLAIMER:Opinion articles are solely the responsibility of the author and does not necessarily reflect the views of the publishers of Abia Breaking News

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