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Uche Aguoru Congratulates Ikpeazu, Says We Are All Winners In The Interest Of The State



Okezie Ikpeazu

The ceremony that was held on the 27th of march, 2019 at the INEC head office in Umuahia, where those who were declared winners by INEC were officially issued Certificates of Return had officially signaled the end of the 2019 general election in Abia state, from my stand point, the elections have come and gone and winners have emerged, in as much as our laws allows those who are aggrieved or feel that the outcome of the polls does not reflect their expectations to head to court and seek redress we should also be mindful of the natural law that mandates every contest, be it electoral, sports etc. that there are bound to be losers for winners to emerge.

But sadly though It has become acculturated in our political environment for every loser to head to the courts and his/her lawyers will manufacture reasons as to how he/she won in the polling units but lost to rigging even in situations where the opponents to the eventual winners may not have done enough to guarantee them victory at the polls, in as much as I am not against anybody venting his legal rights to the maximum, but my worry is that in most of the cases the litigants have always lost their cases in the courts and have only succeeded in keeping the state busy in court which have most often impeded development or give the incumbent excuses for poor performance all to the detriment of the state and the citizenry.

But that does not remove the fact that rigging and electoral manipulation have regrettably become part of our electoral system across the nation and most often with the perpetrators creatively exploring the lapses in our electoral statute book which have given rise to the voter apathy we experienced during the last election from the presidential to the state assembly elections.

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While some candidates have genuine cases to pursue, but majority of those who are heading to the tribunal are only on ego trip, because truth be told most candidates who today are laying claim to victory against INEC declaration did not campaign, work hard enough to sell their candidature into the subconscious of the average Abia electorate to merit a winning but relied on some imaginary popularity without recourse to the fact that every politics is local and that you must create visibility, warm and work your way to the hearts of the electorate and also protect whatever support they give you because to a large extent they determine who their leaders will be.

While I am not dissuading anybody from pursuing his electoral dream through the tribunal, given our political trajectory and peculiar judicial history, I will want to implore on the leading governorship candidates in the just concluded elections to think Abia first and to bear in mind that it is only God that destines leader’s in-line with his wishes and timing, let’s put Abia into consideration, governance is not a mono business and should not be left in the hands of a single individual, a collection of ideas I am sure will pull the state through to an enviable destination, though this is dependent on the mindset of the leader and how accommodating he wants to be to ideas, opposition should be progressive and not based on “It must be me” mindset, there is always a tomorrow if we miss it today.

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Let’s emulate the man we all have come to embrace as the Hero of our modern day democracy, former President Goodluck Jonathan, like or hate him, he saved the country from an impending cataclysm that would have ravaged the country if not for his unconditional acceptance of defeat, even though he had the powers and the reasons to challenge the outcome of that election and reject the results, he sacrificed all that in the interest of the nation.

Let’s all see ourselves as winners and come together as brothers and sisters if truly our ambition is about Abia and not what we stand to gain individually from Abia.

Let’s drop selfishness, Let’s embrace peace, let’s embrace progress, let’s embrace unity, let’s not divide further but come together, bring in all those wonderful ideas, contacts and connections we would have used to transform Abia if given the opportunity to govern Abia if truly we have what it takes to make Abia better as we sermonized during the campaigning.

Abia is ours we have no other option than to make it better for ourselves and generation yet unborn.

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Writes From Umuahia

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