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“A Leader Without Frontier”, By Ifeanyi Okali

It was Harvey S. Firestone who said that the growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership. Suffice me to say here that the greatness of any man is not vested on the amount of wealth amassed during a lifetime, but the amount of sunshine one brings upon the lives of other people around him.  This is the spirit of the Sun and it’s called SELFLESSNESS.

Humble, Amb Charles Nzechi

Men come in sizes and operate in places in phases,  but only great men leave indelible marks on the sands of time and hearts of men, women and children inclusive, around them.


Ambassador Charles Nzechi happens to be a man who has bared his heart to touching the lives of many too numerous to mention.  The poor  and the needy are singing eulogies not as an act of sycophancy nor are they blowing unnecessary trumpet notes,  but as a means of thanksgiving to the good act of kindness  and accelerated succor brought upon their lives.

Man with a heart of gold, Amb Charles Nzechi

Under the auspices of the wonderful platforms of the Charles Nzechi Foundation and Multiple Travel Ltd,  you’ve  brought unimaginable assistance to many too numerous to mention. Your philanthropic gestures and benevolence is unrivaled as it corroborates the deep words of Miriam Bard, “The results of philanthropy are always beyond calculation.” I can also assert vehemently here that you’ve shown your leadership mettle. You’ve  shown yourself as a leader without frontier blazing across boundaries, breaking barriers and bridging relationships to foster unity. That’s why I call you a leader without frontier.

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I celebrate your munificent spirit
I celebrate your laudable achievement
I celebrate your egalitarian spirit
I know it’s time for  merriment.


Happy birthday Ambassador  Charles Nzechi!
I pray long life and good health for you sir!!
Long live Ambassador Charles Nzechi!!!


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Ifeanyi Okali Ubaka

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