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OPINION: Uche Ogah’s Commitment To Potable Water, Mindset Of A Caring Leader – Uche Aguoru


Potable water is water that is safe to drink or to use for food preparation. The amount of drinking water required by every human being is dependent on physical activity, age, health issues, and environmental conditions, and that makes water very essential for living and every day existence.

Studies have shown that more people have died due to water related diseases than from war.
In Abia State, lack of access to safe drinking water in almost all the communities both rural and urban is no doubt directly related to poverty and lack of political will by subsequent governments to provide water for its citizens, while insensitivity on the side of ruling class can also be a reason for the inability of successive governments to develop and provide this life dependent essential.

Abia with an estimated population of 3.51 million people residing, doing business and paying their taxes in the state going by the National Population Commission allocated figure, it therefore becomes very unimaginable to think that from Abia North, across Central to South, the story remains the same, the citizens make provision for their own water supply, while the rich source water by drilling boreholes, which in most cases have been found to be unwholesome the poor masses who are mostly resident in the rural areas and commands a greater majority of our population, source their water from unhygienic and health threatening sources such as shallow streams, rivers, underground wells and during the rainy season water from rusty and dirty roof tops thereby exposing the entire populace to waterborne diseases and life threatening health conditions.


Water which is supposed to be easily accessible and affordable to all, have become a very expensive commodity, investigation shows that on the average a 20 litres gallon of water from commercial boreholes in Ohafia costs about N20 naira, while the rural populace who cannot afford to purchase it resort to the only stream available in the area (Mmuori River) which has served as the source of drinking water for both Elu and Ebem Ohafia for decades.

In Umuahia same 20 litres gallon of water from a commercial borehole costs 10 naira because of the abundant factor within the urban residence, while the rural populace and the slum areas source their domestic water from nearby streams which has been polluted in most cases by spillages from industrial waste and gush from heaps of refuse into the existing stream channels which serves as drinking water to some unfortunate residents.

In Aba getting water from a commercial borehole cost between 5 to 8 naira per 20 litres of water, this is a very clear indication that some households would find it difficult to maintain personal hygiene since the quantity of water needed daily may not be met in an average home.

Having interacted with some of those who are aspiring to govern Abia, some of them made it look like rocket science to get potable water running again in Abia, others does not possess the slightest idea of what to do to make water flow out of the pipe, while some others does not have the provision of water as part of their program.

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But reading through Dr. Ogah’s contract with Abians, a document which highlights his action plan if elected governor, he dealt on the two main challenges that dominate the water supply sector in Abia state, and reassured Abians through a careful and well thought out program and plan of his readiness to meet the millennium development goal for water in both rural and urban environment. To Dr. Ogah the health and welfare of Abians is a priority and water is critical to the overall development, health and productivity of Abians.

With Dr. Ogah schools will have water
With Dr. Ogah Rural communities will enjoy pipe borne water
With Dr. Ogah Children will play with water and enjoy healthy life
With Dr. Ogah every house hold will have access to clean and potable water
Let’s support Ogah to get Abia Ogah-Nized and for Abians to Rejoice.

Writes From Umuahia

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